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International Applicants

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 The School welcomes applications from International Students and the entrance qualifications required are summarised on the page entitled ‘Selection Process’. Each year we offer scholarships to well-qualified international applicants. These are worth approximately £2500 in each year of study.

New international and EU students are invited to attend a free Welcome Programme (including on–campus accommodation) immediately before the start of the academic term. The programme is particularly appropriate for those coming to study in the UK for the first time and is intended as an informal introduction to the University of Nottingham. The programme is a good combination of practical events and social activities. It is an excellent opportunity to meet relevant members of staff at the University, find your way around the campus and surrounding areas and complete some practical formalities such as opening a bank account and registering with the National Health Service. It is also a wonderful chance to meet lots of interesting people and make new friends.

For more details, please contact the Undergraduate Admissions Tutor, Dr Meghan Gray.

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