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Best Schools Initiative

This new award category recognises an individual or team for a successful public engagement activity or initiative involving pupils at school or college.

The activity or programme can have taken place in the classroom, on campus or elsewhere. Pupils must have benefitted by being inspired by current research or by contributing to research. This award is given in collaboration with the Schools and Colleges Outreach team.



Dr Alex Mullen, Associate Professor - Faculty of Arts

She is nominated for the ERC-funded LatinNow project (2017–2023) which studies life and languages in the Roman West. This project has challenged assumptions about the spread of Latin and shown the importance of local languages and lesser-heard voices, generating new understanding of the Roman world. The results have been published in seven languages and, by working with European museums, charities, and schools, have paved the way for increasingly inclusive and empowering participation in local heritage for diverse, multilingual communities. On the six-country Touring Exhibition, VOCES POPVLI, school groups were given bespoke sessions introducing them to written materials from the Roman world. In collaboration with the national educational charity, Classics for All (CfA), Mullen is ensuring that this resource reaches as many schools as possible through her Arts Impact Accelerator-funded Roman Inscriptions in Britain in Schools. More on her work:


Dr Emma Chapman, Research Fellow - Faculty of Science

She is nominated for her school book project initiative. She reached out to other authors within science and pulled together a pack of science books for schools. She organised each author writing and signing a small piece that was stuck into the front of each book along with a QR code that links them to a webpage where they can find out more about the author. Each book package was wrapped in Christmas and delivered ahead of the holidays to 11 local schools that indicated they would like to be in with a chance of receiving these via twitter. This great initiative is putting Nottingham researchers work into the heart of local school libraries for years to come. In addition the opportunity for the schools to have a supporting author talk enhances this project and engages schools with these areas of researchers and the researchers. More on her work:

Dr Samantha Tang, Technical Specialist Outreach - Faculty of Science

She is nominated for the Spectroscopy workshops she runs each year for A level students. She has repeatedly run these highly engaging workshops for multiple years. The workshops do a fantastic job of bringing the students A level learning to life in the context of real research. Students taking part receive an overview of spectroscopy and analytical chemistry and take part in an infrared spectroscopy practical. During the visit students meet researchers and gain an understand of the type of work that is carried out at the university, how spectroscopy is applied across fields and how Nottingham scientists are using these techniques every day. In addition, Sam has continuously supported public engagement and outreach initiatives from organising Science In the Park and public lectures to school events such as the First Lego League regional final. More on her work below:

Ms Shayna Kozuch, Deputy Head of Department - Centre for English Language Education, UNNC

 She is nominated for The CELE Outreach Teacher Training Programme, alongside her colleagues Ellen Zhao (Centre Manager) and Peter Beech (Senior Tutor in Professional Education and Training). The programme was established in 2017 by the Centre for English Language Education (CELE) at the University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC), which has provided teacher training for more than 500 teachers and school leaders in rural and under-resourced areas across China. Using a local technology platform to reach more areas, participants are able to use their mobile phones to access the training in areas that lack resources. The programme has enhanced the reputation of the University of Nottingham around China as a civically minded centre for teaching excellence. There have been a number of positive media reports at local, provincial and national levels that have raised UNNC’s profile as a civically engaged university. More on her work here:

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