Past public lectures and live events

The Institute runs regular events and lectures for its colleagues and the public.

The Papplewick Lecture 2021: Sustainable resources for a 21st century city

In partnership with Papplewick Pumping Station Trust and the Water Works IRC, the Institute presented a panel discussion with leading experts in the fields of water resources and sustainability.

With the world grappling with climate change on an increasingly critical basis, it is crucial that cities plan their resources to ensure they remain sustainable. Chaired by Stephen Meek this session features Dr Emily O'Donnell (University of Nottingham), Pete Vale (Severn Trent Water), Chloe Langley (Nottingham City Council) and Greg Broughton (Environment Agency).

Mental Health and Covid-19

During the pandemic we collaborated with colleagues at the Institute for Mental Health to deliver two panel events, exploring the effects of Covid-19 and subsequent Government policies on mental health. Colleagues delved into newly established initiatives and programmes and discussed what the future holds. 

Chaired by Stephen Meek (Director at the Institute for Policy and Engagement), Dr Louise Thomson, Professor Ellen Townsend, Alex Norris MP and Stevie Spring CBE (Chairman of Mind Charity) gave their thoughts on the impact that policies have had on the UK's mental health and suggested ways to support provison in the future. 

Chaired by Prof Roshan Das Nair, Dr Juliet Hassard, Dr Aislinn Bergin and Dr Sam Malins discussed new initiatives and provisions for mental health and what the future looked like post-Covid-19. 

Is the university colonial? Critical conversations on its past, present and future

In this three-part series, we collaborated with the University of Connecticut's Office of Global Affairs to host three online panel discussions, each with a focus on decolonising education. Speakers examined the role that universities have had in cultivating racism and (settler) colonialism, the present challenges they face in disbanding unequal and oppressive narratives, as well as the future opportunities to contribute meaningfully to an anti-racist and anti-colonial agenda.



Chaired by Dr Maria Arruda, Dr Lewis R Gordon, Dr Cecile Wright. and Dr Sandy Grande discussed the past in relation to colonisation of the curriculum.

We heard keynotes from Prof. Sarah Sharples (University of Nottingham) and Dr Franklin Tuitt (University of Connecticut)



Chaired by Kenny Neinhusser Ed.D., Dr Mark Overmyer-Velasquez, Dr Onyeka Nubia., Dr Gina Higginbottom and Dr Dana Fransisco Miranda discussed the present challenges we face in decolonising the university.

Keynote was delivered by Nottingham City Councillor Leslie Ayoola. 



Chaired by Stacy Johnson MBE, Dr Saran Stewart, Dr Glen Mitoma, Dr Hannah Robbins and Dr Kathyrn Haley discuss the future opportunities for the HE sector to contribute meaningfully to decolonisation and equality. 

Keynote was delivered by Vice Provost Michael Bradford (Uni of Connecticut) 



Public lecture: Dave Ramsden, Deputy Governor for Markets and Banking at the Bank of England

Chaired by Stephen Meek, Dave Ramsden gave us his interpretation of the future of the UK economy- especially in the wake of Covid-19 and Brexit. 

Steve Fielding: Putting Churchill on the Screen

Chaired by Stephen Meek, Prof Steven Fielding spoke about his recent book "The Churchill Myths", followed by an interactive Q&A.


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