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Press Release: OpenElections project website

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A screenshot from the OpenElections project website.

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Press release: New OpenElections website allows voters to track and analyse the promises political candidates make across the country at election time.

A new voter information service has launched at the University of Nottingham that aims to increase the transparency of British general elections. The OpenElections project ( will allow citizens to analyse what political parties and candidates talk about in their election leaflets across the country.

Election leaflets play a central role in British general election campaigns. They tell prospective voters what political parties, and their candidates, stand for. Parties spend more money on them than any other campaign activity, and they remain the most common type of contact voters have with political candidates at election time. However, as leaflets are often targeted to particular voters and constituencies, we do not necessarily know what parties are saying to voters ‘on the ground’.

The OpenElections project, which is funded by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, has over 8,000 leaflets for users to explore, covering the last four general elections and almost every constituency in Britain. Users can explore these leaflets, filtering by election year, party, constituency, and a range of important issues.

The OpenElections team said:

“Users can help us by uploading new leaflets they receive from parties, with our easy-to-use uploader, or by using our coding tool to help identify the messages contained in the leaflets. Together we can increase the transparency of our elections – one leaflet at a time.”

OpenElections is also a rich resource for journalists who cover election campaigns to see what parties and candidates are talking about ‘on the ground’ across Britain.

Visit the OpenElections website here.

Posted on Tuesday 6th October 2020

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