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Teaching Award Success For PhD Student Selim Yilmaz

School of Politics and International Relations' PhD student Selim Yilmaz has been awarded a Postgraduate Teaching Award by the University of Nottingham's Researcher Academy, as part of their wider Tri-Campus Awards.

The award recognises and celebrates examples of innovative teaching and support of learning, and all nominees are considered by a panel of judges.

Selim has shared his thoughts on being awarded this accolade:

"Teaching is a process of continuous learning. My experience as a graduate teaching assistant has allowed me to view knowledge from an educator’s perspective. I hope to inspire students with what I have been inspired by, and that is knowledge. My goal is to stimulate students’ curiosity about critical questions and encourage them to develop their own firm standpoints in the field of social sciences.

As a graduate teaching assistant, I value the opportunity to advance my skills for professional development. But more importantly, I cherish the process of learning with students. I feel humbled to have received the Graduate Teaching Award, and my success would not be possible without the support of my supervisor Dr Matthew Rendall, the GTA training and the students, teachers and lecturers who have influenced me.

I am honoured to represent the School of Politics and International Relations (SPIR) as one of the four schools that have been awarded within the University of Nottingham. With the recognition, I feel more responsible for the teaching and learning environment of the school. In the future, I hope to contribute back to the SPIR community by remaining open to the exchange of ideas to develop innovative teaching and learning practices and methods. In short, teaching is not simply a learning process for students but also a chance for us to shape and reshape knowledge."

Congratulations Selim!

Posted on Thursday 23rd June 2022

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