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As befits a school that follows current trends, we make full use of social media. Our current blog, 'Ballots and Bullets', reaches a large audience and has featured posts from staff who want to help readers better understand today's political issues.

We have run posts on everything from the politics of Harry Potter to the Arab Spring, as well as special blog series covering important national elections in Taiwan and India.

Our popular Twitter feed and Facebook page can help to keep you updated on all our activities.


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Newsletter 2017The school newsletter gives you an insight into our vibrant academic community where we offer an excellent student experience that will equip you for a successful career.

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Picturing Politics

Picturing Politics is a series of audio and video clips featuring academics commenting on the political significance of a diverse range of images. The series is intended to offer an invaluable insight into the many ways in which politics has been imagined - quite literally - throughout history, and also the ways in which images have been used to shape and influence our understanding of politics.

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