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Agatha Morrison

Doctoral Researcher, Faculty of Social Sciences



Agatha is a first year PhD student in the School of Politics and International Relations. She holds an MA in War and Contemporary Conflict and an MA International Relations (Research Track) both from the University of Nottingham. Her main area of interest is civil-military relations in complex security environments. A secondary area of research is the use of Air Power in contemporary warfare.

Expertise Summary

Agatha served as an Aerospace Battle Manager in the Royal Air Force for six years .

Research Summary

Thesis title: UK civil-military relations in complex operations. An analysis of integration vs cooperation in Afghanistan.

The integration of civilian and military efforts to enhance stability in post conflict or failing States is a key tenant of the UK's current National Security Strategy. The concept, developed in Afghanistan and Iraq with the creation of Provincial Reconstruction Teams (PRTs), was initially the Comprehensive Approach, then became the Integrated Approach and finally to the Whole of Government Approach which is the current framework for planning future UK engagements in complex or post-conflict environments. This PhD will explore the levels of integration within government departments and PRTs themselves throughout the conflict, culminating in an investigation of the relationship between integration and effectiveness in operational terms in Afghanistan.

Supervisors: Bettina Renz and Andrew Mumford

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