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Juliana Semione

Doctoral Researcher,



Juliana is a doctoral researcher at the University of Nottingham and a research associate in the University's Rights Lab.

Her Ph.D. research explores predictors of sustained freedom for survivors of modern slavery. After victims are freed, what helps them remain free? Juliana's aim is to reduce the likelihood of re-victimization for these survivors by understanding resilience factors and helping to shape aftercare practices and relevant policies accordingly.

In the Rights Lab, Juliana's focus is on facilitating and improving community partnerships so that those partnerships can improve care, services, and ultimately quality of life for survivors of modern slavery. She is on the Slavery Free Communities team within the Rights Lab.

Juliana's other research interests include the emancipation practices and experiences of the transatlantic slave trade era; inter-sector collaborative leadership structures; and the role of public reason in political discourse.

Before arriving at the University of Nottingham, Juliana worked with the Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force in California and with The Salvation Army's Anti-Trafficking and Modern Slavery Unit in the U.K. In both organizations, she specialized in community education and mobilization and in survivor aftercare and reintegration. Juliana earned her bachelor's degree in journalism from Biola University in the U.S. and her master's degree in global ethics and human values from King's College London.

Research Summary

Sustained freedom and reintegration for survivors of modern slavery

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