School of Politics and International Relations

Applying for Ethics Approval

This procedure is for undergraduate (BA, MSci) and postgraduate taught course (MA) students only.

Approval is required when your proposed research:

  • involves the participation of human participants, their data and/or their tissue (blood, saliva, biopsies)
  • collects data for research purposes

In addition:

  • the university has a duty of care to protect students from harm
  • prevent and terrorism legislation require safeguards against accessing extremist and security sensitive materials

What do I need to do?

Part 1 – this needs to be completed for all projects, regardless of whether ethics approval is required. Your responses to the questions will determine whether ethics approval is required. All Part 1 forms need to be agreed (approved) with supervisor.

Part 2 – completion required for any research involving human participants or sensitive materials. These are subject to review by the school's Research Ethics Committee. 

Note: the link to Part 2 is given in the submission confirmation for Part 1.


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