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A degree in Psychology can offer a wide range of career paths. Graduates from the School of Psychology have been very successful in obtaining professional Psychologist jobs. Many of these career routes, such as Clinical Psychology, require at least one years work experience before starting professional training. Unfortunately students gaining this experience are often counted in national statistics as working in ‘non-graduate’ roles. In addition, statistics on graduate employment are collected just 6 months after graduation. The route to become a professional psychologist does require further experience and training and these career paths are often not captured in the ‘graduate employment’ statistics for this reason. We have provided a few case studies below to show you the range of exciting career paths our graduates have followed.

Justin Chin

Management Consultant, Capgemini

Year of graduation: 2004

Job description: Project management, organisational and operating model design, change management and strategic analysis but its very dependent on the project you are on.

Career path decision: I wanted variety and challenge in my career, so consulting was a natural route due to the types of engagements and clients.

Value of your degree: Psychology degrees at The University of Nottingham are valuable in consulting in order to understand people and how to analyse different situations.

Hints and tips: Get as much experience at university of working with, leading and managing teams. Demonstrate you are exceptionally different from other graduates and are willing to learn.

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