School of Psychology

External Seminar Magda Osman, Queen Mary University of London.

A01 Psychology Building
Wednesday 1st November 2017 (13:00-14:00)

Magda Osman from Queen Mary University of London will be giving a talk titled "Nudge: A lesson in the theatrics of choice" on Wednesday 1st Nov 2017. 

Abstract: The behavioural insights initiative (better known as Nudge) is billed as a way to help the public and private sector support better decision-making in their citizens/clients. The basic idea behind nudge is that people can be guided towards making "better" decisions by cleverly shaping the choice environment (i.e. the way options are presented) in such a way as to make salient a choice that people would have difficulty making, but for which the outcome would be better for them in the long run. The work presented  in this talk covers some of the controversies associated with Nudge by looking at what we as researchers tend to be worried about, and what we as citizens tend to be concerned about. At the heart of what seems to be the problem with Nudge is the idea of it, rather than what it actually achieves, given that the evidence base for its efficacy is exceptionally weak. 

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