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Funded PhD Opportunity with Mark Humphries

A fully funded PhD position is available with Prof. Mark Humphries at the School of Psychology, University of Nottingham, on a project entitled "Inferring the connectome using voltage imaging".

The wiring between neurons, the connectome, defines their activity. So in order to understand the activity of neurons we record from, we want to know the wiring between them. But current technology does not allow the simultaneous recording and tracing of the connections between neurons. To solve this problem, this project will develop computational techniques to accurately infer wiring between neurons from the next generation of imaging techniques that directly record neuron voltages. The project will combine development of algorithms, simulations of neural circuits as test-beds, and analysis of real imaging data from neural populations. 

For a primer on the problem of finding the wiring between neurons, read our piece here:

For further information about the project, or to discuss other projects, please contact Prof Mark Humphries (

Lab website:

Candidates should have a good honours degree (at least 2:1 or equivalent) in a relevant discipline, including physics, computer science, maths, and engineering. A Masters qualification is not required at the point of application, but a Masters in a relevant discipline would be an advantage. The studentship is open to UK and EU citizens; it will offer a stipend of £14,777 and fees paid at the Home/EU rate (£4,260) for a period of three years subject to satisfactory progress.

Your application form should be submitted via the University's admissions system.

The closing date for the School Studentship is 26th September 2018 to start in February 2019.

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Posted on Thursday 6th September 2018

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