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Nottingham psychology attend Big Bang science and technology fair @ LGS!

On Saturday the 25th of February myself (Rebecca Hirst) and Luke Holden attended the Big Bang science and technology fair @ Leicester grammar school. Having never attended one of these events before, we had no idea what was in store.

This event was full of surprises and fun for everyone. You could blend a smoothie using a bike, build a raft, take a ride in the flight simulator, battle remote control robots; there was even a mini zoo complete with armadillo, tortoise, tarantula and meerkats! It was certainly a task to make our exhibits stand out!

Luke demonstrated how we form cognitive maps using a virtual maze and I showed how we measure distraction using variants of the Stroop task! Despite battling some technical difficulties the tasks were a big hit! At least 50 people took part in my task alone!

Thanks for having us @BigBang. We will definitely be returning!



 The flight simulator (left) Luke setting up his virtual maze before the crowds arrived (bottom right).  I also did a Stroop task.

Posted on Friday 3rd March 2017

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