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Students Attend British Psychological Society Annual Conference

On the 4/05/18 we attended the Annual BPS Conference held at the East Midlands Conference Centre. During the day, a series of speakers presented their research in several ambits of psychology, the main general themes treated being Leadership, Development, Community & Society and Open Science.

The conference was extremely interesting and the talks presented sparked a series of discussion points. For example we found ourselves inspired by the talks on mindfulness interventions, the progression of clinical psychology as a discipline with the rise of technology and more general talks on persuasion and charisma through speech. The student stream featured a presentation on positive psychology, which tied in nicely with other talks and posters that focused on mental health stigma, e.g. public attitudes towards men with depression.

Overall, the experience was pleasant, educational and left us all wanting to learn more and discuss the topics presented.

Posted on Friday 25th May 2018

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