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Anh-Cat Le-Ngo

Research Fellow, Faculty of Science


Expertise Summary

With rapid smartization of all aspects in the modern society, AI obviously plays a dominant role like never-before in human history. However, the current emotionless AI would face massive social rejection due its lack of humanity. Hence, Artificial Emotional Intelligent (AE) system is a vital system for undisrupted and continuous integration of smart technology into humane life. I focus my energy and time in building artificial emotional intelligence (AEI) systems, beginning with Spontaneous Facial Micro-Expression Recognition Systems. As AEI facilitates close relationship between humane and artificial intelligence, it subsequently fuels mass deployment of ubiquitous systems. It would democratize our computing environment which would move away from centralization toward distribution. However, without secure and transparent distributed computing, the democratization would not go far. Hence, I am joining the effort of Blockchain and other Multi-Party Computation protocols which are technologically aiding the movement. Ubiquitous coexistence between human and artificial intelligence would be a key solution to further improve our mental & physical health. Personalized healthcare could be realised with IoT sensors, collecting real-time behavioral and physiological signals, and AEI processors in distributed computing platforms, transparently analyzing the signals and collectively making decision. I am enthusiastically working toward that future of personalized health-care service.

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