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Cognitive Neuroscience MSc

This course provides hands-on training in brain imaging techniques and their application to research questions currently at the forefront of cognitive neuroscience.

It combines foundation training in a wide range of topics in cognitive neuroscience with hands-on experience collecting, analysing and interpreting data from real experiments.

This novel combination of theoretical and skill-based training gives students the technical knowledge to become the next generation of quantitative neuroscientists in the public and private sector.

Please note that this course was previously called MSc Brain Imaging. The course content is the same but the name was changed to provide a more accurate description of what the course is.

What our students say


The course completely prepared me for the start of my PhD in visual neuroscience. I learnt core skills such as programming, experimental design and data analysis, which have been invaluable in my further education. I also learnt about specific brain imaging techniques such as MRI, EEG, MEG, and TMS, which broadened the type of research questions I could ask. Masters students are taught and supervised by supportive members of staff, and have a dedicated working space – it’s a great learning environment.

Sarah Maddison

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