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Research Staff


Professor Paul Williams

Group Leader

head of the School of Molecular Medical Sciences

Professor Miguel Cámara

Group Leader


Senior Lecturer: Alan Cockayne, Kim Hardie

Senior Research Officer: Siri Ram Chhabra

Senior Research Fellows: Steve Diggle (Royal Society), Steve Atkinson, Stephan Heeb.

Research Fellows:Davy Chang, Jean Dubern, Matthew Fletcher, Monica Cartelle Gestal,

Clinical Lecturer: Shanika Crusz

Research Technicians: Alex Truman

Postgraduate Students:

Marco Grasso, Matthew Twigg, Ye Chen, Josie McKeown, Robyn Bates, Steve Higgins, Marco Garavaglia, Eliza Soh, Anja Wiechmann, Hazel Sillestre.

Visiting Researchers:

We welcome visiting researchers to our lab. Researchers who spend time working with us are able to learn from our extensive knowledge base and these visits also widen the scope of our research.

Our recent visitors include:

Prof. Iain Lamont, New Zealand; Dr Sylvia Kirov, Australia; Dr Putthapoom Lumjiaktase, Thailand; Dr Narisara Chantratita, Thailand; Dr Thom Foong Yee, Singapore; Dr Karen Tait, UK; Dr Michael Chen, Tiawan; Dr Jose Antonio, Spain, Liu Xiaoguang.