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Funding opportunities

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The Future Food Beacon invites applications from across the University for funding to support targeted activities helping to address the challenge of feeding a growing population in a changing world.

The four schemes are:

  • Doctoral/Post-Doctoral prize
  • Future Food Fellow
  • Partnership Fund
  • Innovation Fund

If you would like to apply for any of these schemes please complete the relevant application form and submit via the Future Food email:

Applications for all schemes will be assessed on a quarterly basis by the Beacon Leadership Team. For the schemes that fund an individual, it is expected that a standard two page CV is submitted with the form.

It is expected that upon completion of any award a brief summary of achievements is sent to the Beacon highlighting whether the initial aims of the application were achieved.

Please find below specific information about each scheme.

Doctoral/Post-Doctoral prize

This is intended to be a prize for outstanding work achieved prior to the prize being awarded. It is eligible for University of Nottingham and external candidates and will fund a stipend of £24,000 for 12 months. The beacon expects to award 20 of these prizes over five years. The aim for the prize is to increase the impact of both PhD and postdoctoral work, and to improve retention of the very best students and early career researchers in science.

Applications for the Doctoral prize can be submitted anytime between submission of dissertation and 6 months post viva. The prize will commence once the PhD has been awarded. The application form is to be completed by the sponsor (supervisor) and the candidate. The form and a two-page CV should be submitted via the Future Food email address.

Applications will be evaluated by a two stage process. Firstly, the application form will be assessed by the Future Food Beacon Leadership Team. If the Leadership Team confirm that the candidate has produced outstanding work then the applicant will be invited to attend an interview. 

Click here to download the application form.

Future Food Fellow

This scheme covers both short term (one to three months) and longer term (three to 12 months) appointments aimed at clear deliverables that align with the Future Food Beacon objectives. The short term fellowships are primarily aimed at:

  • University of Nottingham researchers who require short term funding to “bridge” to future opportunities, or for buyouts from other activities, providing time to deliver positive outcomes within three months (for example, completion of a grant proposal, a paper)
  • External researchers who require financial assistance to spend time at the Beacon. Again, it would be expected that there would be positive outcomes from the visit (for example, collection of data, grant development, co-authorship on a paper)

The longer term fellowships are expected to deliver a significant outcome, or to cement a strategic partnership. These awards are aimed at both University of Nottingham and external researchers, and all requests will be funded at a set rate of £3,400 per month. This rate is based on an average salary, which may differ from the actual salary of the applicant. Any difference between the award and the salary of the applicant will be managed by the applicant.

For applicants external to University of Nottingham, and to make these funds flexible, the Beacon can either pay these funds directly to the fellows’ employing institution or the funds can be held in a Beacon account for the researcher to purchase consumables, services etc.

Applicants should attach a two-page CV with the application.

Partnership Fund

These funds are to be used to initiate collaborations, new partnerships and to stimulate interdisciplinary problem-based thinking aligned with the Future Food Beacon objectives. Awards will be sub-divided into two distinct types:

  1. Travel grants: to cover travel & accommodation costs for University of Nottingham researchers to visit potential collaborators or to cover costs for potential collaborators to visit the University
  2. To support local, UK and international events such as meetings, workshops or conferences

The travel grants will have a fixed maximum for UK, Europe and International trips of £500, £1,000 and £1,500 respectively. For approved University of Nottingham applications, the amount selected will be transferred to the applicant’s project code to manage all costs. For applications to enable external researchers to visit the University, funds will be transferred to the applicant’s home institution upon receipt of a valid invoice from the applicant’s home institution.

All travel grant applications will require a standard two page CV to be attached for the person travelling.

The Events scheme will have no limit but it is expected to achieve positive results commensurate with the funding requested.

Click here to download the application form.

Innovation Fund

These funds will be used to support large scale projects that align with the Future Food Beacon objectives and where a significant outcome is expected that will stimulate further work across the Beacon. The Beacon expects to fund projects up to £50,000 but will expect significant returns (papers submitted to high impact journals, research data to support grant submissions, further funding from industry partners to develop ideas).

Please indicate within the description of the proposal what will happen if the project isn’t funded ie are there other sources of funding, internal or external, that could support the research?

Proposals that are approved will have a project code established within the Beacon for the applicant to conduct the research outlined in the proposal.

Click here to download the application form.    




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