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Future proofing agricultural systems: open access articles 


Future proofing agricultural systems: articles that are not open access

Qin H., Pandey B.K., Huang R. et al (2022). Orchestration of ethylene and gibberellin signals determines primary root elongation in rice. The Plant Cell, 341273-1288 DOI:

Lark, R.M., Patton, M., Ander, E.L. and Reay, D.M. (2018). The singularity index for soil geochemical variables, and a mixture model for its interpretation. Geoderma,32383-106 DOI: 

Pre-print available:

Lobet, G., Paez-Garcia, A., Schneider, H. et al. (2019). Demystifying roots: A need for clarification and extended concepts in root phenotyping. Plant Science,28211-13 DOI: 

Pre-print available:

Williams, J.D.O., Dobbs, M.R., Kingdon, A. et al. (2019). Stochastic modelling of hydraulic conductivity derived from geotechnical data; an example applied to central Glasgow. Earth and Environmental Science Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh,108(2-3) 141-154 DOI:  

Monnahan, P., Kolář, F., Baduel, P. et al. (2019). Pervasive population genomic consequences of genome duplication in Arabidopsis arenosa. Nature Ecology and Evolution,3(3) 457-468 DOI: 

Pre-print available:

Pandey, B.K. and Bennett, M.J. (2019). A New Angle on How Roots Acclimate to Sporadic Rainfall. Cell,178(2) 269-271 DOI: 

Terés, J., Busoms, S., Perez Martín, L. and et al. (2019). Soil carbonate drives local adaptation in Arabidopsis thaliana. Plant Cell and Environment, 42(8) 2384-2398 DOI: 


Huang, X.-Y., Li, M., Luo, R. et al. (2019). Epigenetic regulation of sulfur homeostasis in plants. Journal of Experimental Botany,70(16) 4171-4182 DOI: 

Bhosale, R., Maere, S., and De Veylder, L. (2019). Endoreplication as a potential driver of cell wall modifications. Current Opinion in Plant Biology,5158-65 DOI:

Pre-print available:

Truskina et al (2020) A network of transcriptional repressors modulates auxin responses. nature, 589, pages 116–119: 

Finkel et al (2020) A single bacterial genus maintains root growth in a complex biome. nature, 587, pages103–108: 

Gavrilov et al (2020) Structural insights into the mechanism of heat-set gel formation of polyisocyanopeptide polymers  Macromol. Rapid Commun. 2020, 41, 2000304.

Azadi et al (2020) The effect of dissolved gases on the short-range attractive forcebetween hydrophobic surfaces in the absence of nanobubble bridging Langmuir 2020, 36, 34, 9987–9992 Publication Date:August 3, 2020:

Pandey et al (2021) Plant roots sense soil compaction through restricted ethylene diffusion Science  15 Jan 2021: Vol. 371, Issue 6526, pp. 276-280 DOI: 10.1126/science.abf3013

de Oliveira Roque et al (2021) Simulating land use changes, sediment yields, and pesticide use in the Upper Paraguay River Basin: Implications for conservation of the Pantanal wetland, Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment,Volume 314,2021,107405,ISSN 0167-8809,

Bode, L.J.K., Livarda, A. & Jones, M.D. Plant gathering and people-environment interactions at Epipalaeolithic Kharaneh IV, JordanVeget Hist Archaeobot (2021).

Alexandre M.J.-C. Wadoux, Gerard B.M. Heuvelink, R. Murray Lark, Philippe Lagacherie, Johan Bouma, Vera L. Mulder, Zamir Libohova, Lin Yang, Alex B. McBratney,Ten challenges for the future of pedometrics,Geoderma,Volume 401,2021,115155,ISSN 0016-7061,




Food for health: open access articles


Food for health: articles that are not open access

Mustafa, M.A., Ali, A., Seymour, G. et al. (2018). Delayed pericarp hardening of cold stored mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana L.) upon pre-treatment with the stress hormones methyl jasmonate and salicylic acid. Scientia Horticulturae,230107-116 DOI:

Earl, L. (2019) ‘Who likes fish? And I don’t mean fish fingers!’ Taste education, culinary capital, and distinction in a rural middle-class primary school. Cambridge Journal of Education DOI: 


Jenkins, S.C., Harris, A.J.L., and Lark, R.M. (2019). When unlikely outcomes occur: the role of communication format in maintaining communicator credibility. Journal of Risk Research,22(5) 537-554 DOI: 

Pre-print available:

Webster, R., and Lark, R.M. (2019). Analysis of variance in soil research: Examining the assumptions. European Journal of Soil Science, 70(5) 990-1000 DOI:

Ligowe, I.S., Young, S.D., Ander, E.L. et al. (2020). Agronomic biofortification of leafy vegetables grown in an Oxisol, Alfisol and Vertisol with isotopically labelled selenium (77Se). Geoderma,361 DOI:

Abugalieva et al (2020) Ionomic analysis of spring wheat grain produced in Kazakhstan and Russia Ionomic Analysis of Spring Wheat Grain Produced in Kazakhstan and Russia, Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis, DOI: 10.1080/00103624.2020.1865398

Earl and Thomson (2021) Why garden in schools? Routledge ISBN 9780367207588 (Book)

Bartel H. (2020) Men writing eating disorders: autobiographical writing and illness experience in English and German narratives, Emerald Insight ISBN: 978-1-83909-923-6, eISBN: 978-1-83909-920-5 (Book)

Bartel, H. (2020). Poetry on Eating Disorders in Men. In P. Crawford, B. Brown, & A. Charise (Eds.), The Routledge Companion to Health Humanities (248-254). Routledge ISBN 9781138579903 (Book chapter)

Bartel H. (2020) Arctic rolls and gender roles: female and male eating disorders in Karen Duve's Regenroman and other texts Journal of Romance Studies (2020), 20, (2), 225–248.

Abugalieva et al (2021) Ionomic Analysis of Spring Wheat Grain Produced in Kazakhstan and Russia, Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis, DOI: 10.1080/00103624.2020.1865398

Elliot J Owen et al (2021) Derivation and Validation of a Total Fruit and Vegetable Intake Prediction Model to Identify Targets for Biomarker Discovery Using the UK National Diet and Nutrition SurveyThe Journal of Nutrition, 2021;, nxaa406,

Salter, A., & Lopez-Viso, C. (2021). Role of novel protein sources in sustainably meeting future global requirementsProceedings of the Nutrition Society, 1-9. doi:10.1017/S0029665121000513

Moberg, E., Allison, E.H., Harl, H.K. et al. Combined innovations in public policy, the private sector and culture can drive sustainability transitions in food systems. Nat Food (2021).



Food for sustainable livelihoods: open access articles


Food for sustainable livelihoods: articles that are not open access

Hindt, M.N., Akmakjian, G.Z., Pivarski, K.L. et al. (2017). BRUTUS and its paralogs, BTS LIKE1 and BTS LIKE2, encode important negative regulators of the iron deficiency response in Arabidopsis thaliana. Metallomics,9(7) 876-890 DOI:

Pre-print available:

Lark, R.M., and Marchant, B.P. (2018). How should a spatial-coverage sample design for a geostatistical soil survey be supplemented to support estimation of spatial covariance parameters?. Geoderma,31989-99 DOI:

Pre-print available:

Hawkey et al (2021) Insects: a potential source of protein and other nutrients for feed and food. Annual Review of Animal Biosciences 2021 9:1:



Smart manufacturing for food: open access articles


Smart  manufacturing for food: articles that are not open access

Chen, Y, MacNaughtan, W, Jones, P, Yang, Q and Foster T.J. (2020). The state of water and fat during the maturation of Cheddar cheese Food Chemistry. 303, 125390 DOI: 


Sobanwa, M, Foster, T.J. and Watson, N. (2020). The effect of cellulose and starch on the viscoelastic and thermal properties of acid-swollen collagen paste Food Hydrocolloids. 101, 105460 DOI: 


Ren, Y, Yakubov, G, Linter, B, MacNaughtan, W and Foster, T. (2020). Temperature fractionation, physicochemical and rheological analysis of psyllium seed husk heteroxylan Food Hydrocolloids. (In Press.) DOI:  


Ren, Y, Linter, B and Foster, T. (2020). Cellulose fibrillation and interaction with psyllium seed husk heteroxylan Food Hydrocolloids. (In Press.) DOI:

Agarwal, D, MacNaughtan, W, Ibbett, R and Foster, T.J. (2019). Effect of moisture content on thermal and dynamic mechanical properties of microfibrillar cellulose with polymeric additives Carbohydrate Polymers. 211, 91-99 DOI: 10.1016/j.carbpol.2019.02.004

Ramadkhan, K and Foster, T.J. (2018). Effects of Ball Milling on the Structural, Thermal, and Rheological Properties of Oat Bran Protein Flour. Journal of Food Engineering. 229, 50-56 DOI: 

Pre-print available:

Agarwal, D, MacNaughtan, W and Foster, T.J. (2018). Interactions between microfibrillar cellulose and carboxymethyl cellulose 1 in an aqueous suspension Carbohydrate Polymers. 185, 112-119 DOI:

Pre-print available:

Diaz-Calderon, P, MacMaughtan, B, Hill, S, Foster, T, et al. (2018). Changes in gelatinisation and pasting properties of various starches (wheat, maize and waxy maize) by the addition of bacterial cellulose fibrils Food Hydrocolloids. 80, 274-280 DOI:

Pre-print available:

Foster et al (2020) Food biotechnology. Current Opinion in Chemical Engineering, Volume 30, December 2020, Pages 53-59:

Glover et al (2020) Tales from the countryside: unpacking 'passing the environmental buck' as hypocritical practice in the food supply chainVolume 121, December 2020, Pages 33-46, Journal of Business Research: 




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