Paula Croal

Beacon Anne McLaren Fellow


Paula is an Anne McLaren Research Fellow and The Brain Tumour Charity’s Future Leaders Fellow within the Precision Imaging Beacon. Paula’s research will focus on development of quantitative physiological MRI for application in brain tumours, in particular ASL and CEST MRI. Using a combination of advanced acquisition and analysis strategies to overcome known challenges in physiological MRI (such as low SNR), the broad goal is to better understand the tumour microenvironment for improved therapeutic intervention, whilst also achieving clinical feasibility.  

Paula completed her PhD in Physics in the SPMIC, investigating quantification of the BOLD response using blood gas manipulations, before taking up postdoctoral positions at The Hospital for Sick Children (University of Toronto), and The Wellcome Centre for Integrative Neuroimaging (The University of Oxford) where she developed physiological MRI methods for clinical and preclinical populations of ischaemia and brain tumours, and accompanying analysis tools.  



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