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Rumana Hashem

Rights Lab Research Fellow in Forced Marriage Vulnerabilities


Dr Rumana Hashem (Politics and International Relations) works as part of the Right’s Lab’s Law and Policy Programme on a UKRI-funded project led by Dr Helen McCabe about the impact of COVID-19 and COVID-related decision making on people experiencing, or vulnerable to, forced marriage in the UK. Her research is assessing changes and continuities in responses by key stakeholders with responsibilities for preventing and prosecuting forced marriages in the UK, and by service-providers working with those at risk. She is also assessing the direct impact on those already experiencing, or at risk of, forced marriage in terms of increasing vulnerability, additional risks, and further harms related to the pandemic and responses to it. The research will provide evidence for law enforcement, policy makers and service providers to use in interventions that reduce risk. Dr Hashem’s research background includes mixed method and qualitative research with a focus on gendered violence in conflict, sexual and reproductive health of adolescents, and the effects of bordering and lived experiences of refugees in Britain and Germany.  She is trained as a political sociologist and has many years’ experience working as an advocate around gender-based violence issues.


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