Christine Annerfalk

Christine Annerfalk

Rights Lab Fellow in Contemporary Slavery and Armed Conflict

Christine Annerfalk works as part of the Rights Lab Law and Policy Programme on a project with Professor Kevin Bales about contemporary slavery in armed conflict, including a large dataset of all slavery instances in conflicts since 1945. She also has been lead researcher and coder on Professor Bales' Euro-Invasion Conflict Database 1513-1901 (Continental United States), due to be published and made available for analysis in 2023. She has is a graduated mature student of the War Studies program at King’s College London, where she specialised in areas such as human trafficking and modern slavery, international law, cybersecurity, intelligence, and journalism. Her dissertation examined how the cyber domain facilitates and Ccallenges the business of human trafficking and slavery. She has also worked on projects analysing the Clean Gold Dubai market and links between conflict and ASGM (artisanal small-scale gold mining) in Central Sahel.


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