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E Seymour et al, Captive Wives or Conjugal Slaves? The Slavery-Marriage Nexus in Northern Uganda Since theMid-Nineteenth Century

Gardner et al, Towards a model of port-based resilience against fisher labour exploitation
Boyd et al, Citizen science for Earth Observation (Citizens4EO): understanding current use in the UK

Eradicating slave labour by 2030
Brewster, Robinson, Silverman, Walsh; Covid-19 and child criminal exploitation in the UK- implications of the pandemic for county lines 
Trautrims et al; Change in Rhetoric but not in Action? Framing of the Ethical Issue of Modern Slavery in a UK Sector at High Risk of Labor Exploitation 
Lumley-Sapanski et al, The Khartoum Process and human trafficking
Machine Learning Methods for Wicked Problems_ Exloring the Complex Drivers of Modern Slavery
Operationalizing the SDRCS Framework with Social Media Data During COVID-19 
Landman & Lucas, Social listening modern slavery and Covid19
Ullah et al, Multinational corporations and human right violations in emerging economies
Cockayne, Working with the Financial Sector to Correct the Market Failure of Modern slavery
The Antislavery Usable Past eBook
Dang et al, Law enforcement identification of potential trafficking victims
Lucas et al, Dashboarding The Online Strategic Communications of Anti Slavery Organizations during COVID 19
Schwarz & Nicholson, Collapsing the Boundaries
Gardner and Northall, Place-Based Research and Statelessness
Trautrims et al, Diffusion of labor standards through supplier–subcontractor networks: An agent-based model
Silverman, Multiple Systems analysis for the quantification of modern slavery
Landman and Bryant, Combatting Human Trafficking 
Landman and Silverman, Globalization and Modern Slavery 
Jackson et al, Tree Loss and Modern Slavery
Al-Dayel, Mumford, Bales, Establishment and Regulation of Slavery by the Islamic State
Bales and Silverman, New Orleans
Trautrims et al, For the English to see or effective change
Silverman et al, MSE for Sparse Capture Data
Goulding et al, The Unbanked and Poverty
Bales - Unlocking the Statistics of Slavery
Trautrims, Understanding Labour Exploitation
Trautrims, Supply Chain Management
Silverman, Model Fitting 
Silverman, MSE
Trautrims, Agent based modelling 
Schwarz, Reasserting Agency
Nicholson, Dang, Trodd, Survivor Definitions of Slavery
Landman, Democracy and Human Rights Concepts, Measures, and Relationships
Landman, Out of the Shadows
Boyd et al, Brick Kilns
Boyd, Analysing Slavery
Boyd, Earth Observation and Machine Learning
James, Children's Literature
Gardner, An Idea Whose Time Has Come
Bales, Significance 
Bales, SlaveTech 

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