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Jose Alberto Robles Linares Alvelais

Postgraduate Student,



Jose studied a BSc in Mechanical Engineering with a specialty in Automotive Design at CETYS university in Mexicali, Mexico. During this time he made two internships and one collaborative project with three different important aerospace companies of the region. He graduated with the highest mark, Honorable Mention and Summa Cum Laude honors. After his graduation, Jose worked in one of these companies as a stress engineer, performing structural analysis of metallic and composite (CFRP) materials.

Jose then moved to Monterrey, Mexico, where he studied a MSc in Manufacturing Systems in Tecnologico de Monterrey university. Given his background on composite materials and interest in the biomedical field, he decided to start studying a different kind of composite: bone. Therefore, his research focused on bone cutting, bone computational modeling and 3D printing of biomedical devices. During this time he made a 6-month research stay in the University of Nottingham, UK. He graduated with the highest mark and was awarded the Honorable Mention of Excellence.

He is now a PhD research student in Manufacturing Engineering within the Faculty of Engineering from the University of Nottingham and his research is mainly about machining, mechanics and material science of bony tissue.

Expertise Summary

Jose has solid knowledge and experience in:

  • Conventional manufacturing technologies.
  • Additive manufacturing of biomedical devices.
  • Mechanical design and 3D modeling.
  • Machining of cortical bone tissue.
  • Modeling algorithms for porous structures.
  • Numerical simulations.

Research Summary

The design of novel cutting tools that improve the cutting mechanics of bone during orthopedic surgery for an enhanced implant positioning and patient recovery.

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