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Jack Chaplin

Research Fellow, Faculty of Engineering


Recent Publications

  • LAVINDRA DE SILVA, PAOLO FELLI, JACK C CHAPLIN, BRIAN LOGAN, DAVID SANDERSON and SVETAN RATCHEV, 2017. Synthesising industry-standard manufacturing process controllers In: Sixteenth International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems. (In Press.)
  • OTTO JAN BAKKER, JACK C CHAPLIN, LAVINDRA DE SILVA, PAOLO FELLI, DAVID SANDERSON, BRIAN LOGAN and SVETAN RATCHEV, 2017. Toward process control from formal models of transformable manufacturing systems In: Procedia CIRP. (In Press.)
  • DE SILVA, L., MENEGUZZI, F., SANDERSON, D., CHAPLIN, J.C., BAKKER, O.J., ANTZOULATOS, N. and RATCHEV, S., 2016. Interfacing Belief-Desire-Intention agent systems with geometric reasoning for robotics and manufacturing Studies in Computational Intelligence. 640, 179-188
  • DE SILVA, L., FELLI, P., CHAPLIN, J. C., LOGAN, B., SANDERSON, D. and RATCHEV, S., 2016. Realisability of Production Recipes. In: KAMINKA, G. A., FOX, M., BOUQUET, P., HULLERMEIER, E., DIGNUM, V., DIGNUM, F. and VANHARMELEN, F., eds., Ecai 2016: 22nd European Conference on Artificial Intelligence 285. Ios Press. 1449-1457

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