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Waiel Elmadih

Manufacturing Engineering PhD Student, Faculty of Engineering



A Manufacturing Engineering Ph.D. student and a Mechanical Engineering Tutor at The University of Nottingham, currently working towards several journal publications. He received a first class MSc qualification in Manufacturing Engineering and Management from The University of Nottingham (2016). Prior to that, he was awarded a first class BSc (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering at The University of Khartoum where he served as a Teaching Assistant. His interpersonal and technical skills landed him several engineering jobs at Rolls‑Rolls PLC (2016) and DAL Group (2015). His current research includes the investigation of additively manufactured lattice structures for vibration and thermal isolation of precision engineering instruments. His previous research included designing mechanical gearbox for a wind turbine, and engineering of several HVAC systems.

Teaching Summary

  • MM1EDP Engineering Design and Design Project 2017/2018 demonstration

  • MM1MMG Materials and Manufacturing 2016/2017 - 2017/2018 demonstration

  • H41DF1 Dynamics and Flight Mechanics 2016/2017 demonstration

Research Summary

Design of additively manufactured lattice structures for precision engineering applications: Investigation of lattice structures vibration isolation capabilities

Past Research

  • Design of mechanical gearboxes for wind turbines
  • HVAC system design
  • Lean manufacturing for Rolls-Royce Trent 700 engine building line

Future Research

Investigation of lattice structures thermal isolation properties for use in precision engineering instruments

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