Advanced Manufacturing Technology Research Group
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The Nottingham Advanced Robotics Laboratory is part of the Advanced Manufacturing Research Group investigating the desgin, modelling and control of complex, often non-linear, electromechanical systems, with particualr focus on applications that involve robots.

Because electromechanical systems are used across a number of areas our lab often collaborates with other groups/labs within the Faculty of Engineering and the Advanced Manufacturing group such as BioengineeringFluids and Thermal Engineering and the Manufacturing Systems Integration Team.


Robot Arm

Nottingham Advanced Robotics Laboratory  



Current research topics include:

  • Continuum arms/surfaces undergoing large, controlled, deformations
  • Non-Linear multibody systems
  • Thermoforming of large-scale composites
  • Fabric based sensor technologies
  • Neonatal transport systems
  • robotic enabled surgery systems
  • Soft actuation based exoskeletons
  • Aircraft assembly operations

Team members

Academic Staff

Research Staff

  • Dr Ismail Jimoh

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Advanced Manufacturing Technology Research Group

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