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MMT strong presence at euspen Virtual Conference 2020


Dishi Phillips introduces Richard's keynote talk

Subbareddy Darukumalli, Joe Eatwood, Richard Leach, Angela Rodriguez Sanchez, Wahyudin Syam, Adam Thompson and Luke Todhunter “attended” the euspen Virtual Conference meeting from 8th to 11th June 2020. They were involved in the following activities:

Joe’s team for the euspen Talent Programme will go forward to a final in CERN.

Richard chaired a half-day Workshop on Uncertainty in X-ray Computed Tomography and presented a paper “Uncertainty in X-ray computed tomography using metrological characteristics”, co-authored by Angela and Adam.

Richard presented and oral keynote “Why do we rarely see uncertainty statements with surface form and texture measurements?

Richard presented an oral paper on “Development of an all-optical dimensional measuring system”, co-authored by Waiel Elmadih, Samanta Piano, Mohammed Isa, Danny Sims-Waterhouse, Nicholas Southon and Wahyudin.

Joe presented a poster paper “Pose estimation from a monocular image for automated photogrammetry”, co-authored by Danny Sims-Waterhouse, Samanta Piano, Ralph Weir and Richard.

Luke presented a poster “Mathematical approach to the validation of surface texture filtration software”, co-authored by Richard and Francois Blateyron

Subbereddy presented a poster “Axial calibration of an on-machine focus variation surface texture and form sensor”, co-authored by Teguh Santosa, Wahyudin, Franz Helmli and Richard.

Richard chaired 4 conference sessions.

Posted on Friday 12th June 2020

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