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Richard Leach attends ISO 213 WG 16

Richard attended ISO technical committee 213 working group 16 (Surface texture) from 25-26 September 2018 in Poznan, Poland. The committee have now sent ISO 25178 part 600 for publication – this is the list of metrological characteristics (conceptually developed by Richard and Claudiu Giusca whilst at NPL, with input from WG 16), allowing surface texture measuring instruments to be calibrated. Part 700 (how to determine the metrological characteristics) was also voted to become a formal new work item. The new framework of characterisation standards was also discussed – this should harmonise profile and areal methods. Richard presented on a review of scattering methods to address whether WG 16 should bring these instruments into the 600/700 fold – the committee decided to write a formal review document and continue the discussion in the next meeting (February 2019, CERN Geneva). Prof. Seewig and Richard also presented on a round robin to measure the new areal calibration artefacts developed at the University of Kaiserlautern. 

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