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Andrew Dickins

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Andrew is a PHD researcher in the manufacturing metrology team at the University of Nottingham. Prior to starting his PHD, Andrew obtained an MSc in Physics from Nottingham Trent University, in 2016, followed by an MRes in Precision Engineering from Cranfield University.

Expertise Summary

Andrew's experience in research began with his MSc project, titled "Investigation of Inexpensive Pulsed NMR Spectrometer Hardware and Software". This work focussed on the design and testing of a low cost electronic console capable of generating radio frequency signals to provide B1 pulses for an NMR spectrometer system with a B0 field up to 0.5T in strength.

Following this, Andrew's research project at Cranfield University, titled "Fabrication of Micro-scaled Features on Titanium Alloys Through Micromilling" focussed on the generation of functional surface features on beta titanium alloys. This research aimed to determine the machinability of Ti-30Nb through micromilling as well as the functionality of hydrophobic featured that have been milled onto the alloy's surface.

Andrew's currect PHD research aims to design and test an in process metrology system for SLM processes capable of detecting faults mid-build. The system is being designed to utilise several different optical metrological methods of surface measurement to provide a complete surface topography for an individual layer in the component without interrupting the build process drastically.

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