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AMT expertise
 Keywords Name
Micro and nano-replication technologies, nanoscale fabrication and additive manufacture Dr Joel Segal (Head of Group)
Innovative Manufacturing Processes, Advanced Machining and Finishing Technologies, Abrasive Waterjet Machining, Monitoring and Optimisation of Manufacturing Processes,  Design and Construction of Miniature Machine Tolls, Design of Innovative Tools for Aerospace Manufacture, Product Innovation & Technology Transfer Dr Dimitrios Chronopoulos
Solid state properties of polymers Professor Dragos Axinte
Dynamics, Controls, Non-linear systems, Multibody systems, Electromechanical systems, Wearable sensor systems, Collaborative Robotics, Soft robotics Dr David Branson
Non-traditional manufacturing methods to arrive at net shape while inducing favourable material properties and generating new surfaces on engineering components, developing new manufacturing methods and materials for use in the high value manufacturing sectors including aerospace and biomedical engineering Professor Adam Clare
Computing in the future of design practice, and the development of precision machines Dr Simon Lawes
Metrology, additive manufacturing, surface topography, optical techniques Professor Richard Leach
Flexible and hybrid material forming & processing technologies Dr Hengan Ou
New optical techniques and systems for 3D precision measurements Dr Samanta Piano
Modelling and Simulation of Coordinated Control Strategies for Cooperative Vehicle-Highway Systems, The Dynamics and Stability of Super-Extended Space Tethered Systems Professor Atanas Popov
Manufacturing systems, process modelling and simulation Professor Svetan Ratchev
Robust and linear parameter varying control, Uncertain systems, Flight dynamics and control Dr Harald Pfifer

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