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Louise Briggs

Cell Culture Technician/Laboratory Supervisor, Faculty of Engineering



Louise Briggs is part of the Advanced Materials Research Group specialising in Cell Culture, teaching assays to undergraduate, MSc, post-graduate students and researchers.

Research Summary

Louise is currently investigating the alterations in antioxidant micronutrients (Se, Cu, Zn & Mn) in Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy alongside Dr Hiten Mistry and Dr Lesia Kurlak.

Selected Publications

Past Research

Louise has assisted with the following studies and liaised /project managed with trial coordinators, academics and multidisciplinary teams:

  • Nurturing and development of pregnancies - understanding the genetics of pregnancy and setting up a biobank (The University of Nottingham)
  • The BHF funded Salt in Pregnancy Study (The University of Nottingham)
  • Obstetric Cholestasis Clinical Research Study (King's College London & The University of Nottingham)

Conference Abstract Publications

  1. Comparison of in vitro pre-eclampsia (PE) cell models with PE placental tissue. Kallol, S., Briggs, L. V., Mistry, H. D., Moser, R., Schneider, H. & Albrecht, C., Aug 2019, In : Placenta. 83, p. E104-E104.
  2. Increase expression of placental oxidative stress and reduced antioxidant markers in post-term deliveries. Simpson, A., Briggs, L., Kurlak, L. & Mistry, H., Aug 2019, In : Placenta. 83, p. E99-E99.
  3. Reduced concentration trace element selenium in placentae from women with pre-eclampsia; Influence of fetal sex. Kurlak, L. O., Scaife, P. J., Briggs, L. V., Pipkin, F. B., Gardner, D. S. & Mistry, H. D., Mar 2019, In : Reproductive Sciences. 26, p. 181A-181A.
  4. Reduced sodium concentration in placentae from women with pre-eclampsia. Scaife, P. J., Kurlak, L. O., Briggs, L. V., Pipkin, F. B., Gardner, D. S., Mohaupt, M. G. & Mistry, H. D., Mar 2019, In : Reproductive Sciences. 26, p. 363A-363A.

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