Advanced Materials Research Group
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The group mainly works on Phosphate-Based Glasses. These glass based biomaterials offer a wide variety of controlled resorbtion profiles and are mainly investigated for biomedical applications where only the temporary presence of an implant is required, consequently negating the need for implant removal once the tissue has healed.

Dr Ifty Ahmed is the lead on this research theme and the projects within it.


Glasses for Healthcare



Resorbable Phosphate-Based Glasses

Phosphate-based glasses offer fully controllable properties. The principal chemical constituent of bone mineral is calcium phosphate, and the glasses produced mainly contain P2O5, CaO and Na2O.Increasing or decreasing the oxide components or incorporating others enables further control over their dissolution rates (from day/s, week/s, months to years).

Phosphate-Based Glass Fibres

Phosphate-based glass fibres offer further control over the degradation profiles of these glasses with significantly enhanced surface area. These fibres are produced using both melt-derived and pre-form fibre drawing manufacturing processes in Dr Ifty Ahmed’s Centre for Innovative Structural Fibre Manufacture (CISFM).


Resorbable Biocomposites

Work within the Biocomposites research group has focussed on manufacture of resorbable phosphate glass fibre reinforced composites for use as fully resorbable bone fracture fixation devices. These materials can potentially resorb within the body gradually transferring load to the healing bone as it degrades, avoiding stress shielding effects during the bone repair process.

Novel Glass Microspheres

Recent work within Dr Ifty Ahmed’s research group is exploring manufacture of glass microspheres. These microspheres have been made from fully resorbable phosphate-based glasses, silicate glasses (i.e. 45S5 Bioglass® and 13-93), including borate glasses and glass-ceramics.








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