Advanced Materials Research Group
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The group is at the forefront of developing novel and cost-effective non vacuum processing of ceramics, polymers, and organic-inorganic nanomaterials in the form of:

  • nanostructured thin film and thick coatings
  • nanopowder
  • nanotubes and nanowires
  • nanocomposite coatings
  • membranes

and vacuum processing methods such as PVD and CVD of:

  • multi-layered structures
  • thin films and membranes

Via close academic and industrial collaboration, the in-house synthesised nanomaterials are being developed for a variety of engineering applications with manufacturing methods such as hydrothermal synthesis delivering from gram to ton scale.

Nanomaterials - E.Lester




Energy Applications

  • solid oxide fuel cells (for portable and domestic applications)
  • polymer electrolyte fuel cells (for automobiles, portable applicances, and domestic applications)
  • li-ion batteries
  • solar cells

Surface Coating Applications

  • thermal barrier coatings
  • tribological coatings
  • smart coating
  • self cleaning coatings
  • self lubricated films
  • bioactive and biocompatible coatings


Advanced Materials Research Group

Faculty of Engineering
The University of Nottingham
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