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Biomaterials: working on bioresorbable and antimicrobial coatings, surface modifications, degradation and mechanical behaviour of isotropic and anisotropic structures, new structures and cell surface interactions, nanocomposites and scaffolds for tissue engineering and orthopaedic applications.

Hydrogen storage systems: working on cost effective metal hydrides and complex systems, hydrogen and thermal energy storage systems, coatings and catalysts for hydride systems, composite structures based on carbon structures, MOFs and investigating other candidate hydrogen storage materials. Developing prototypes with industrial partners into practical tanks and thermal stores.

Professor David Grant (Head of Group)
Biomaterials, Bioengineering, Phosphate-based Glasses, Bioglasses, Resorbable fibre composites, Microspheres, orthobiologics Dr Ifty Ahmed
Structure of glass and disordered materials, with a particular focus on understanding structure-property relationships Dr Emma Barney
Materials characterisation, transmission electron microscopy, functional materials, structural materials, biomaterials; nanotechnology Professor Paul Brown
Electrochemical technologies and liquid salts innovation for materials (titanium, silicon, carbon nanotubes, conducting polymers), energy (supercapacitor, supercapattery, lithium ion battery, fuel cell) and environment (capture and conversion of carbon dioxide, and wastewater treatment).  Professor George Chen
Microwave process engineering, Microwave processing of materials, fundamental understanding through to scale up of microwave processing applications including process heating, polymer synthesis, and material processing applications Dr Chris Dodds
High power density electric drives, mechatronics, composite materials, electric racing vehicles Dr Miquel Gimeno-Fabra
Films and Coatings, Icephoibc and hydrophobic surface, Nanocomposite coatings, Nanostructured surface Dr Xianghui Hou
Suspension and Solution precursor thermal spraying for energy and healthcare applications including environmental barrier coating, next generation of thermal barrier coatings, fuel cell electrolyte, nanocomposite coatings with nano-particulates, anti-microbial coatings and coatings for biomedical applications Dr Tanvir Hussain
Electromagnetic sensing, in-situ monitoring of component integrity, novel sensing technologies for healthcare application, detection of corrosion under insulation, real-time monitoring, novel microwave applicators for material processing, high performance computing, multiphysics simulations Dr Juliano Katrib
Microwave processing of minerals Professor Samuel Kingman
Metal organic frameworks (MOFs), continuous and batch microwave synthesis, microwave technology applied to inorganic chemistry, microporous materials synthesis and characterisation, synthesis of new porous inorganic/organic hybrid materials, interactions of microwave energy with inorganic materials (dielectric spectroscopy), ultrafast materials processing, MOFs for applications (waste treatment, healthcare technologies, molecular sensing, catalysis, gas storage and separation, anti-microbial resistance), advanced characterisation of materials, and sensor fabrication (spray coating, lithography). Dr Andrea Laybourn
Supercritical fluids, supercritical water reactor design, nanoparticle synthesis and applications, scaling up, fuel characterisation, biomass and fossil fuel energy Professor Ed Lester
Electroceramics, Impedance Spectroscopy, Solid State Chemistry, Solid Oxide Fuel Cells, Oxygen Separation Membranes, Ionic conductors, Mixed Ionic-Electronic Conductors, Ferro- and Piezo-electrics, Ceramic Capacitors Dr Ming Li
Computational materials design, atomistic modelling, machine learning, materials for energy storage and generation, porous materials Dr Sanliang Ling
Hydrogen storage; Hydrogen production; Quasicrystal; Catalyst; PVD coating Dr Xuanli Luo
Computational materials design, atomistic modelling, machine learning, materials for energy storage and generation, porous materials Dr Sanliang Ling
Hydrogen storage; Hydrogen production; Quasicrystal; Catalyst; PVD coating  Dr Xuanli Luo
Organic electronics, organic solar cells, organic bio-sensors, modelling/characterization/device fabrication of organic devices Dr Roderick MacKenzie
Cell-material surface interactions, biocompatibility assessment or the development of novel materials or structures for the repair or replacement of tissues Dr Colin Scotchford
Head of Mid-Infrared Photonics Group. We have a cleanroom facility for drawing MIR fibreoptics for potential applications in early diagnosis in cancer, oil fractionation monitoring, security sensing and monitoring the environment Professor Angela Seddon
Thermal and cold spraying Professor Philip Shipway
membrane-based separation technologies, metal organic framework membranes, zeolite membranes, water purification, desalination, gas separation, isomer separations, electro-photocatalysis, ALD, electrochemical-ALD Dr Begum Tokay
Laser materials processing, corrosion and overlay coatings Dr Katy Voisey
Hydrogen technologies, hydrogen storage, energy materials, energy systems Professor Gavin Walker
Nanostructures; Nanocomposites; Polymer composites; Thermal management; Power electronic packaging; Tribology; Metal composites Dr Fang Xu

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