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Xianghui Hou

Associate Professor, Faculty of Engineering



Xianghui Hou is part of the Advanced Materials Research Group.

Research Summary

Processing and characterization of films, coatings and composites for various applications:

  • Coatings: Thermal barrier coatings, anti-corrosion coatings, and self-lubricating coatings;
  • Surface modification: Super-hydrophobic / anti-icing surface and films;
  • Energy materials: Transparent conducting oxides (TCOs) thin films;
  • Nanotechnology: Nanorods, nanotubes, nanostructured films, nanocomposites coatings;
  • Biomaterials: Bioactive films/coatings for cell growth and tissue engineering;
  • Composites: Carbon/carbon composites, polymer matrix composites, nanocomposites.

Future Research

Fields of Interests:

  • Processing and characterization of films and coatings for various applications;
  • Polymer and carbon matrix composites;
  • Synthesis of films/coatings and surface modification of materials;
  • Design and construction of processing equipment.

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