Allergy and Infectious Diseases
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I have recently been awarded a MRes in Pharmacy, The University of Nottingham which was funded by the University Of Nottingham’s developing solutions scholarship. During this period, I gained new practical skills in molecular biology and eukaryotic cell culture. I have also graduated with a BSc in Pharmacy (first class honour) from University of Medical Sciences and Technology, Sudan. I started my PhD in Nottingham University after the Vice Chancellor scholarship I’ve been awarded from the University of Nottingham.

Research Project

Supervisors: Dr Franco H. Falcone

Human schistosomiasis is one of the overwhelming neglected tropical diseases. It occurs widely in regions of Africa, the Middle East, and South America. Furthermore, vaccination development has been suggested as an alternative or additional route to combat the disease.

My PhD project focuses in identifying potential vaccine candidates for S. mansoni and S.haematobium. Also, it aims to develop and optimise a new system for the assessment of the allergenicity of the identified antigens. For this, we use humanised reporter cell lines which can be used for assessment of specific IgE crosslinking by parasitic antigens (allergens).


(Modified from: Hogan et al 2003 and Sabban 2011).


We are hoping that once fully established, our assay will allow us to improve vaccine safety, by identifying unknown allergens, and to identify new allergens at the genome-wide scale, allowing us for the first time to unravel the Schistosoma mansoni and Schistosoma haematobium allergome.


Allergy and Infectious Diseases

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