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The Centre for Bible, Ethics and Theology aims to equip local communities to engage effectively with the Bible. Drawing on our expertise, we offer a set of resources to help you read, understand and discuss biblical texts and their relevance to current ethical issues.

From Genesis to Revelation, there’s something for everyone, touching on all things Bible related. We’d love to hear about the creative ways you’ve used these resources and we’re always pursuing ways to improve this collection, so please get in touch with any suggestions.

Example videos

'Why Study Women in Q'

with Sara Parks 

'Why Study New Testament Hymns'

with Peter Watts



Why Does the Bible Matter?

The official publication of the Centre for Bible, Ethics and Theology, Why Does the Bible Matter?: the significance of the Bible for contemporary life, is available to download here

Conference and workshop materials

An introduction to the Dignity and Human Body Workshop series by Prof Roland Deines.


Resources for teachers


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