Bioengineering Research Group
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  • Biomechanics Laboratory
  • Human Tissues Authority licenced storage facility



  • Zeiss Z.1 Light Sheet Microscope
  • 225kVp µCT (5µm resolution)
  • Crash Track (100g, 15 ms-1)
  • Drop towers (3m and 2m)
  • Mechanical testing facilities for human and biological tissues
  • Micro Materials nano-indentor
  • KSI acoustic microscope (20 MHz – 1 GHz)
  • Clinical ultrasound and fluoroscopic imaging






See our crash track in use in the biomechanics laboratory. It has the potential to decelerate a payload of up to 100kg at up to 100g from up to 15m/s. It is possible to programme different pulse shapes. 
This video, made by Brady Haran for Easter, features many of our facilities including the Instron materials tester, a Charpy impact tester, 2m drop tower and crash track. More information is available about the experiment on Brady Haran's blog


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