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Annual Biomaterials Discovery Workshop 2018

Coates Road Auditorium A150, University of Nottingham
Wednesday 17th January 2018 (09:30-17:00)

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The second annual Biomaterials Discovery Workshop took place on Wednesday 17th January 2018. Our EPSRC Programme Grant in Next Generation Biomaterials has allowed us to hold this event for the 5 years of the grant and hopefully beyond.

2018 Testimonials:

“A really enjoyable and interesting event with excellent speakers.”

“So nice to see great minds from all over the world come together to advance the field of biomaterials.”

“Great opportunity to meet inspiring keynote speakers in a comfortable environment.”

“Well organised day with a great variety of talks on biomaterials.”

The Workshop took place in Coates Road Auditorium A150.


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Speakers for the second Biomaterials Discovery Workshop (17th January 2018, Nottingham UK) were as follows:

10.00-10.50 Prof. Nikolaj Gadegaard (University of Glasgow):  Informed design for nanostructured biomaterials

10.50-11.40 Prof. Rachel O’Reilly (The University of Birmingham): Polymer nanoparticles in delivery and as additives in gels for regenerative medicine.

12.00-13.00 Prof. Clemens van Blitterswijk: Maastricht University: Open lecture: Dealing with complexity in regenerative medicine: from cell to tissue, organ and organism

14.00-14.50 Prof. Dave Winkler: La Trobe & Monash Universities: Discovering new biomaterials using AI and adaptive evolution

14.50-15.40 Prof. Rachel Williams: University of Liverpool: Developing Poly-e-lysine hydrogels for ophthalmic applications

15.40-16.30 Prof. Dave Needham: University of Southern Denmark: Cross-disciplinary Laboratory-to-Clinic Translational Research and Development for Cancer: Endogenous-Inspired Anti- Cancer “DiaPeutics”  LDL-like nanoparticles designed to “Put the Drug in the Cancer's Food” 

An optional conference dinner was held at Memsaab

Map-to-MemSaab_v2_ss Click on this image to see a fullsize version of this map, to see how to get to MemSaab



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