Conferences 2017-18

Details of outgoing and incoming conferences 2017-2018.

Outgoing conferences 2017-18
Academic/Researcher  ConferenceLocation Date Attended/Presented/Poster 
Cameron Alexander 9th International Nanomedicine Australia June 2018 Talk: “Directed Internalisation and Trafficking of Polymers”
Cameron Alexander Responsive polymers in Pharmaceutcal Science University of Padova  June 2018 Graduate Prize Symposium
Valentina Crucitti Nanopharmaceutics Symposium Keele  June 2018 Poster
Amanda Pearce OzNanoMed Australia  June 2018 Attended
Joris Meurs Proteomics Methods Forum 2018 Manchester  June 2018 Presentation
Amanda Pearce UK and Ireland Controlled Release Society Belfast  June 2018 Poster
Cameron Alexander EUPOC 2018. Biomimetic Polymers by Rational Design, Imprinting and Conjugation Como, Italy May 2018 Talk: “Polymers with Controlled Ligand Recognition Properties for Diagnostics and Therapeutics”
Cameron Alexander 12th International Symposium on Polymer Therapeutics: Laboratory to Clinical Practice Centro de Investigación Príncipe Felipe Valencia May 2018 Talk: “Functional Polymers for Analytics And Therapeutics”
Amanda Pearce and Nishant Singh European Symposium on Controlled Drug Delivery The Netherlands April 2018 Posters
Paulius Mikulskis, Qin Hu, Dara O'Brien, Jamie Thompson, Valentina Crucitti and Alessandra Travanut RSC Biomaterials Special Interest Meeting Bradford January 2018 Talks and Posters
Dara O'Brien Frontiers in Green Materials London December 2017 Poster
Paul Williams New Zealand Microbiology Society AnnualConference New Zealand, Auckland November 2017 Invited talk
Paul Williams 3rd Biocide Toolbox Symposium University of Auckland. New Zealand, Auckland November 2017 Invited talk
Cameron Alexander and Nishant Singh Medal Winners Symposium Birmingham November 2017 Attended
Cameron Alexander and Morgan Alexander EPSRC HTHive17 Glasgow November 2017 Attended
Felicity Rose and Morgan Alexander Colorado State University Colorado, USA November 2017 Invited talk: 'Biomaterials for bone regeneration - from materials development to new biomaterials discovery'. 
Nishant Singh SFAM-Antimicrobial Resistance: Meeting the Challenge - Novel Therapeutics and Drug Discovery London November 2017 Attended

Incoming Conferences 2017-18
 Academic/Researcher Conference Location Date Attended/Presented/Poster
Morgan Alexander UK-China AMR meeting  Nottingham  May 2018  Talk: "Better biomaterials: from discovery to clinic." 
Qin Hu  NanoPrime symposium Nottingham  April 2018  Presentation 
Many PG members  Second Biomaterials Discovery Workshop  Nottingham  January 2018  Attended and chaired 
Britta Koch, Adam Dundas, Jordan Thorpe and Dara O'Brien Vice-Chancellor of the University of Nottingham's visit  Nottingham  November 2017  Demonstration and presentations 
Adam Dundas, Dara O'Brien and Laurence Burroughs  Vice-Chancellor of the University of Nottingham's visit  Nottingham  November 2017  Posters 
All  Translational Talks. As part of our series of clinical talks we have had Prof Poulam Patel (Nottingham), Dr David Adlam (Leicester), Simon Parsons (Nottingham) and Dave Hampton (CamStent) Nottingham  November 2017 onwards  Talks 

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