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Anna Grabowska

Professor of Cancer Microenvironment, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences


Research Summary


  • Development of patient-relevant pre-clinical models of cancer incorporating stromal support
  • Role of paracrine signalling in cancer
  • Bioluminescent/fluorescent reporters for real-time imaging
  • Application of interfering RNA technology for target validation
  • Role of cancer stem cells and epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT)
  • Effects of hypoxia on tumour biology
  • Transcriptional/translational regulation of cancer-associated genes

Current Research Projects

  • Establishing patient-derived xenograft models
  • Pre-clinical models of cancer for target validation
  • Role of paracrine signalling in induction of EMT and the cancer stem cell-like phenotype
  • Regulation of the mesenchymal stem cell niche
  • Polycations for nucleic acid delivery in cancer
  • Reporters for real-time monitoring of biological processes during cancer development

Recent Publications

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