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PhD Testimony:

Jordan Thorpe: Existing PhD Student on the Programme Grant (RC3, Regenerative Medicine)

"I find the field of biomaterials particularly exciting, because the work being carried out here has real potential to translate into the real world. As a large multi-disciplinary team, we have people developing everything from new anti-microbial surfaces, to novel chemistries for drug delivery. 

The multi-disciplinary aspect of our projects is the greatest benefit of working within the Biomaterials group. As a stem cell biologist discovering new materials that support cardiomyocytes (heart cells), I work day-in day-out with several people specialised in chemistry and material sciences to develop our materials screening platform. This has allowed us to make good progress on the project, and adds real value to the research we are doing. I certainly would not have been able to do research like this alone!

The PhD itself is challenging and engaging, coming towards the end of my second year I have developed a lot since starting on the project. I have learnt how to plan experiments, manage my time effectively (even with so many things going on), there have also been plenty of opportunities to present my work to colleagues, and at conferences. The programme grant itself has also hosted a range of guest speakers from related research fields, industry, and business, which have been very informative. I feel confident to continue in this field of science after the PhD project, or even branch out into related industries with the skills I’m learning here." 




Next Generation Biomaterials Discovery

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