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Increasing dependence on rapidly diminishing resources must be avoided at all costs, and for many industrial processes that means finding new ways of producing chemicals and other materials. 

Our research

By using enzymes and microorganisms as an alternative to traditional production and refinement methods, we can find more sustainable ways of creating vital industrial resources.

Excellence in industrial biotechnology research can be found across our University already, but many of the academics involved are working in isolation. By putting together the tools to help researchers collaborate and engage in cross-disciplinary working, we can improve the research output and ensure that we come up with innovative solutions.

Our impact

It is no secret that many of the resources that we rely upon across industry are being depleted at a shocking rate. It’s essential that we develop new radical solutions to the problems we face, and start to produce sustainable methods of industrial production. We believe that our research holds the keys to solving many of these issues, and industrial biotechnology can be a powerful tool in building a sustainable future.

Our University

The University of Nottingham already has considerable expertise in this Research Priority Area, with the BBSRC/EPSRC Synthetic Biology Research Centre and BBSRC Sustainable Bioenergy Centre being prominent examples. We hope to build upon research excellence like this to form an Institute of Biotechnology to house multiple centres that encourage complementary, inter-disciplinary research activities.

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