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The challenges of understanding the development and ageing across the lifespan of an organ as complex as the brain are vast. In order to properly tackle them, the Brain Health Research Priority Area (RPA) has been set up with a focus on multidisciplinary approaches that give us a holistic understanding of the brain. We incorporate core areas of existing research strength across the institution, building upon our expertise in brain sciences, mental health and criminal behaviour.

Our research

We will link our world-leading research in a number of key areas to appropriate clinical contexts, with a focus on producing real-world impacts. Of particular interest is the development of mechanism-based diagnostics, as well as preventative and therapeutic interventions. This will enable us to develop a mechanistic understanding of the processes that influence changes in brain structure and function at multiple levels, from the genetic to the behavioural.

Our impact

The impact of our work is fundamental and clear: to improve the lives and wellbeing of thousands, perhaps millions, of people across the globe. As we better understand the underlying function of this most vital of organs, we can begin to see how effective solutions for practical, clinical problems can be found. We embed our research into clinical environments in the most essential way, and look to work hand in hand with clinical partners to ensure we produce the most good.

Our University

We’re pleased to bring together world-leading research and researchers from across the institution, incorporating many existing neuroscience groups already working in the University. This RPA formalises the links between these groups, and provides a platform for collaborative development of research strategy. In turn, we can use our greater understanding of our expertise and the stronger working relationships to ensure that the funding we acquire is used most effectively, and for the greatest impact.

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