Centre for Research in Race and Rights (C3R)

The University of Nottingham has a proud history of supporting reasearch into LGBT issues.

Our academics focus on a range of subjects, from queer writing and LGBT education, to queer protest in India, gay identity in China and gender dysphoria. 

LGBT academic expertise University of Nottingham

Areas of expertise and academic contacts

LGBT subject expertise and contacts

  • Homosexuality in Ghana

Nana Agyeman

Politics and International Relations

  • Queer theory
  • BME queer theory

Ibtisam Ahmed

Politics and International Relations

  • Diversity and sexual orientation within later life
  • LGBT expertise in end of life care

Kathryn Almack

Health Sciences

  • Sexualities
  • Queer studies
  • Migration
  • Constructions  of intimacy

Juan Anzola


  • Transgender health

Jon Arcelus


  • Individual identity
  • State structures

Sascha Auerbach


  • Gay identity in China
  • Queer filmmaking in transnational China
  • The media and sexuality
  • Grassroots social movements

Hongwei Bao

Culture, Film and Media

  • Sex and Relationships Education (SRE)
  • Sexuality issues in the workplace (including experiences of gay and bisexual men in education)
  • LGBT politics and activism

Max Biddulph



  • Queer writing
  • Young adult literature with gay, lesbian and queer content
  • Queer pedagogies and education

Susan Billingham

American and Canadian Studies

  • Sexuality and the law

Diane Birch


  • Family
  • The body
  • Gender
  • Fertility

Lucia Cervi


  • History of sexuality
  • Gender and the body
  • Sexuality and criminal law
  • Romantic friendship
  • Pornography and obscenity laws

Harry Cocks


  • Sexuality
  • Shame
  • Therapy

Lindsay Cooper


  • Identity formation
  • Belonging
  • Queer and post-colonial theory

Onni Gust


  • Homophobia in Chinese society
  • Religions and homosexuality

Emmanuele Lazzara

Contemporary Chinese Studies

  • Postcolonialism
  • Sexuality
  • Prostitution in India

Steve Legg


  • LGBT radicals
  • Sexuality at mid-century
  • Socialism and homosexuality

Christopher Phelps

American and Canadian Studies

  • China's LGBTQ population
  • Sexual citizenship

Gareth Shaw

Contemporary Chinese Studies

  • Gender, development, politics and policy in India

Carole Spary

Politics and International Relations

  • Contemporary sexual identities
  • Youth culture
  • Islam

Andrew Yip



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