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Research Seminar - Discovery of chemical tools and hypoxia-activated prodrugs to explore the tumour micorenvironment

Staff room Acadamic Oncology 1st Floor above South Entrance City Hospital
Friday 8th December 2017 (13:00-14:00)
If anyone is interested in meeting  Klaus, he will be available for chats at City Hospital Academic Unit following the seminar.  Please contact the local host, Prof Stewart Martin



Dr Klaus Pors, University of Bradford, Institute of Cancer Therapeutics

" Discovery of chemical tools and hypoxia-activated prodrugs to explore the tumour microenvironment"

Klaus obtained his BEng in Chemical Engineering from the University of Southern Denmark (Odense) in 1998 and his PhD from UCL School of Pharmacy (London) 2002.  Research in the Pors group is focussed at the interface between chemistry and bilogy.  Traditional approaches to drug discovery, such as target oriented synthesis and medicinal chemistry are used to develop libraries of small molecules that are entirely new chemical entities or re-engineered versions of natural products.  In the context of cancer, small molecules are designed to (i) exploit enzymatic and/or physiological conditions found unique to the tumour microenvironment or (ii) circumvent or exploit resistance mechanisms present in malignant tissue - a focus of attention is targeting tumour hypoxia.

Klaus will deliver his seminar in the Staff Room, Academic Unit of Clinical Oncology, 1st Floor above South Entrance, City Hospital





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