Centre for Contemporary East Asian Cultural Studies
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CEACS Research Team 

Executive Committee 

The Centre’s executive committee at the University of Nottingham UK is made up of the following members:

Dr. Paul Gladston

Dr Hongwei Bao
Dr. Julian Stringer
Dr. Mark Gallagher
Professor Roberta Pearson
Dr. Luke Robinson
Dr. Julian Stringer

The Centre also has members at the University of Nottingham's international campuses:

Ningbo Campus

Dr Bjarke Liboriussen
Dr Lili Hernandez
Dr. Andrew White
Dr Tianqi Yu
Dr Shixin Zhang 

Malaysia Campus

Dr Mary Ainslie

The Centre has the following Associate members:

Associate Members 

  • Dr. Katie Hill, Sotheby’s Fine Art
  • Dr. Marko Daniel, Tate Modern

International Advisory Board

  • Jerome Silberberg, Princeton University
  • Jason Kuo, University of Maryland
  • Gao Minglu, University of Pittsburgh
  • Wu Hung, University of Chicago
  • James Elkins, School of Art Institute, Chicago
  • Craig Clunas, University of Oxford
  • Gerald Cipriani, Kyushu University
  • Jeong-hee Lee-Kalisch, Free University Berlin
  • Gao Shiming, China Academy, Hangzhou
  • Joerg Huber, Zurcher Hochschule der Kunste ZHdk
  • Juliane Noth, Free University Berlin
  • Franziska Koch, Heidelberg University
  • Yiyang Shao, Central Academy of Fine Arts Beijing
  • Chris Moore, Randian-Online
  • Hou Hanru, Independent Curator/writer
  • Larys Frogier, Rockbund Museum
  • Lorenz Helbling, ShangArt Gallery
  • Rebecca Catching, OV Gallery, Shanghai
  • Chris Smith, Journal of Visual Art Practice
  • David Carrier, writer and independent scholar

Centre for Contemporary East Asian Cultural Studies

The University of Nottingham
University Park
Nottingham, NG7 2RD

telephone: +44 (0) 115 823 2264