Centre for Structural Engineering and Informatics
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Our structures laboratory has a wide range of large-scale structural testing and consultancy services related to our research and is available to clients. 

A trendsetting, high-resolution multi-touch video wall is available to support both teaching and research activities with regard to virtual design, collaboration and decision making. 

L2 lab facilities.
The University has extensive facilities available including the structures laboratory in L2.


Structures lab

The structures laboratory is located in the L2 building at the University Park campus. It comprises a main testing hall for large scale structural testing, cement and concrete preparation rooms, humidity room, aggregate preparation, cutting and coring facilities, instrumentation room, and a temperature and humidity controlled teaching and small scale testing laboratory.

Computing and visualisation lab

Multi-user multi-touch video wall to support design, collaboration and decision making in engineering.



The main facilities include:

  • Strong floor with multi configurable loading frame system with load measurement up to 3000 kN
  • 2000 kN Servo hydraulic control universal testing machine with up to 2m-test daylight
  • 1000 kN, 500 kN and 100 kN Servo hydraulic actuators
  • 200 kN Servo controlled universal testing machine
  • 5000 kN compression machine
  • Strain, displacement and remote measurement systems (DIC)
  • Concrete testing in compression, splitting and flexural tests, pullout tests
  • Non-destructive testing: pulse velocity, natural frequency, hardness
  • Tensile testing of steel and other metals
  • State of the art measurement systems: computer controlled, digital camera measurements
  • Reaction frame
  • Impact rig
  • ABL wind tunnel

Centre for Structural Engineering and Informatics

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