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Savvas Triantafyllou

Associate Professor and First Year Senior Tutor, Faculty of Engineering



Savvas is a Structural Engineer specializing in Computational Mechanics. Before coming to Nottingham, he was a Lecturer at Brunel University London (2013-2014) and previously a post-doctoral researcher at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) at Zurich (2012-2013). He holds a PhD in Civil Engineering (2011), an Msc in Structural Analysis and Design (2006) and a Diploma in Civil Engineering (2004) from the National Technical University of Athens, Greece.

Dr. Triantafyllou is also a member of the Centre for Structural Engineering & Informatics Research Group.

Expertise Summary

Dr. Triantafyllou's primary research interest is in the nonlinear static and dynamic response of structures and materials. His work revolves around the concept of "digital twins"; within this setting, he develops novel, rapid, and accurate methods for the simulation of nonlinear processes evolving across multiple length and time scales. Typical examples involve the case of brittle fracture processes, shape memory alloy finite strain plasticity, earth dynamics and more. Coming with a structural engineering background, Dr. Triantafyllou is conducting experimental work to highlight the short and long term response of strengthened masonry and reinforced concrete structures.

Teaching Summary

H22SA2 - Structural Analysis 2

H24SA3 - Advanced Structural Analysis

Savvas is also running the B6 - Introduction to SAP2000 workshop for Second year Civil Engineering students

Research Summary

Indicative project list below, for a complete list please visit here.

  • Co-Ι: "MARQUESS: Multiscale Analysis of AiRframe Structures and Quantification of UncErtaintieS System", Clean-Sky 2 Framework, effective 01/06/2017-31/05/2020. Total Budget: £700.00
  • "SAFE-FLY: Damage modelling and online detection in aerospace composite structures", Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network, effective 01/02/2017-31/01/2021. Total Budget: £800.000. Own share: £150.000.
  • "Development of combined enriched elements and continuum damage mechanics models for composites", effective 01/10/2015-30/09/2018, in collaboration with NSIRC. Total Budget: £72000.
  • "Multiscale modelling for dynamic crack propagation in porous media: A Multiphysics approach", International Collaboration Fund, The University of Nottingham, effective 01/12/2015-30/11/2018. Budget: £5000.
  • "A Multiscale Hysteretic XFEM Scheme for the Analysis of Composite Structures", Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) Research Grant, Project # 200021_153379, effective 01/04/2014-31/03/2017, in collaboration with Prof. Eleni Chatzi, Chair of Structural Mechanics, ETH, Zurich.

Selected Publications

Past Research

  • "A multiscale computational framework for the prediction of hydraulic fracture induced vibrations", Dean of Engineering Award, Faculty of Engineering, The University of Nottingham, effective 01/11/2015-31/07/2017. Budget: £35000.
  • "Retrofitting of masonry arches with textile reinforced mortars", effective 01/08/2015-31/07/2018. University of Nottingham Dean of Engineering prize. Total Budget: £42000.
  • "Strengthening of structures with advanced composite materials" funded under the Since without Borders program, CNPq, The National Council of Scientific and Technological Development, effective 01/08/2015-31/07/2018. Total Budget: £51,340.

Future Research

I welcome enquiries from potential PhD candidates from Home, EU and international countries who are interested in the following research areas: Computational Mechanics, multiscale modelling for damage processes, nonlinear dynamics, earthquake engineering, retrofitting methods for reinforced concrete and masonry, constitutive modelling.

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